Mindful Classrooms


The Mindful Classroom Program Description:

Grades K-5:

. Customized Training:  Visit classrooms  to teach 16 lessons (See below*)
. Lesson Handouts (activities, exercises, and/or journal sheets)
. A Teacher-staff Information Session (45 min)
. A Parent Information Session (45 min) 

Mindful Schools has provided evidence-based research confirming an 8-week (15 minutes, 2/wk) format has been most successful with students in grades K-5; however, modifications may be possible, without jeopardizing the integrity of the program.  

*For example: meeting  8 weeks (30 min, 1/wk) or meeting 8 months (30 min, 1/month), as long as teachers are trained and provided materials to support the lessons throughout the remainder of the week/month.    

Modifications  for Grades 6-12:  Due to class schedule and multiple teachers, teen programs/lessons are often shared in Health classes as part of a Wellness Curriculum.

Developing Healthy Minds & Bodies is the intention.  Some schools have even created a "Mindfulness Room" for kids to go, in place of detention, where they practice mindfulness, yoga, breathing techniques and learn coping skills, impulse management skills, and perspective taking, rather than being penalized.  

A "Mindfulness Class - Special" that meets once/week would be a valuable and impactful approach to making mindfulness an integral part of a school's culture and truly meet the needs of the whole child. There are many opportunities for interested teachers to bring mindfulness into their classrooms - Please send an email for more information.

Outcomes:  A growing body of research and neuroscience has demonstrated the benefits of mindfulness in schools...

*Better focus/concentration

*Increased sense of calm 

*Decreased stress and anxiety 

*Better health - increased attendance 

*Improved impulse control *Greater self-awareness 

*Skillful responses to difficult emotions 

*Development of natural conflict resolution skills 

*Mindfulness compliments and supports other SEL & Growth Mindset Curricula

See Mindful Schools Website for more detailed information: lesson topics, research, resources, and other mindfulness facilitators in your area:  www.mindfulschools.org