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Learn to anchor their busy body, identify & express emotions, and be kind & accepting of others.

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Learn how to worry less, focus more, and find strength within.

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Learn how to Unplug  at Home and how to Reboot at Work

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About Anchored Minds & Bodies


Anchored Minds & Bodies provides wellness-based programs with an emphasis on education, training, and practice in mindfulness skills for children, teens, adults, and families through  classes, workshops, retreats, school/sport programs, and private sessions.  The weekly, adult, yoga & mindful meditation classes (with guided relaxation) are available to help ease the effects of daily stress and prevent illness.  In addition, monthly mindfulness-based courses, created specifically for each age group, are offered in an effort to educate, empower, inspire, and encourage a healthy lifestyle.

*Integrative Occupational Therapy services and OT Preschool Screenings available upon request.  

* Maria was recently recognized by the New Jersey Occupational Therapy Association (NJOTA) with an Award of Merit for Innovations in Treatment Facilitating Mindfulness, Meditation & Yoga Practices.  

Tap image to read an article about Maria

Tap image to read an article about Maria

About Maria


Why do you practice mindfulness?

Initially I came to mindfulness to manage chronic back pain; but now I've discovered it helps me to be my best self, with my family, my students/families/clients, and with my colleagues.  It's now an integral part of my life and it's my passion to share it with others with whom I work.


What is your training and how does mindfulness fit with OT?

Mindfulness is a natural extension of OT, as it is a life skill, (significantly based in science - neurology, physiology, and sensory processing) that can be cultivated through understanding and practice, much like many of the life skills developed and strengthened by OT; therefore, I was very excited to further my training in this field of study.  Tap the button below to learn more.


Why did you decide to bring this practice to the community?

Although mindfulness has therapeutic value, mindfulness training does not discriminate!  You don't need to have a diagnosis or a problem....mindfulness benefits EVERYONE...Teaching these skills in wellness centers, businesses, homes, and schools for all to benefit, eliminates the stigma associated with any form of mental training. Many corporate executives, professional athletes, and celebrities promote mindfulness mental training.  

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