Mindfulness for Adults

General Health


Mindfulness- based Wellness Programs help to:

. Manage Chronic Pain or Illness
. Strengthen our Immune System 
. Lower Blood Pressure
. Reduce Heart Rate
. Decrease Anxiety
. Manage Depression
. Improve compassion for self & others 

. Increase Happiness

Mindfulness training can be an important complimentary or integrative program for anyone rehabilitating from illness or injury,

It's beneficial for Caregivers as well!



Managing family life and caring for loved ones can be very rewarding; but also depleting at times.  Mindful parenting practices allow us to feel more steady in our role and less like we're putting out fires all day.  

Care for yourself (remember the airplane oxygen mask goes on the parent first)  

Parenting is a Journey.  Practicing mindfulness together, keeping it fun, and integrating informal mindful moments or short meditations into your day is ... a gift for life!  



Wellness is important for employee health, creativity, and productivity.   Most people today live a high-pressure, fast-paced, demanding life.    Our brains feel full and overwhelmed most days. 

Mindfulness helps us learn to master the constant flood of mental chatter.​    We also learn to better manage our emotions,  to pause, and to  choose a response, rather than impulsively react and say something we may later regret.  

Building relationships, communicating and collaborating in the workplace (or anywhere) requires us to be fully present, patient, and focused in our interactions with others; therefore, employee mindfulness programs are expanding rapidly.