Seniors: Mindfulness & Yoga

Mindfulness Practices for Heart & Mind


Mindfulness practices help seniors notice when the commentary in their mind is causing additional stress in the body.  With practice, they  develop the skills to  manage mental chatter and reduce unwanted physical tension.  Daily breath work  and relaxation techniques promote healing, improve sleep, and help in the management of pain.  Heartfulness, a compassion practice and component of mindfulness, encourages us to be more patient, loving, and accepting of ourselves and others.....a valuable skill at every age!

Yoga for Healthy Aging


As we age, we may encounter chronic pain, hypertension, heart disease, osteoporosis, arthritis, anxiety, and depression;  fortunately, yoga can be beneficial for all of these issues.  Yoga practices help to restore/build flexibility, balance, energy, resiliency, and overall well-being.  Yoga is truly a form of Mindful Movement; therefore, both yoga and mindfulness are  gifts at any age!