Mindfulness & Yoga Training/Practice

Mindful Matters for Teens (14/15-18)


Teens learn to practice Yoga and Mindfulness to help anchor their mind and body.  Yoga (a moving meditation) helps to develop muscle strength, balance, flexibility, and breath awareness, while mindfulness helps to calm the nervous system, focus the mind, build resiliency,  cultivate self-compassion, and encourage healthy habits.  Teens discover they have the ability to train their mind to be their best asset!


Private/Semi-private/Group Sessions

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Inner Explorer (7-9)


Kids learn and explore their world from the inside-out with Yoga & Mindfulness games,  activities, and practices to help them manage big feelings, focus their attention, and stay balanced each day. These sessions allow kids to learn these important skills, in a fun and inviting way.

Private/Semi-private/Group Sessions

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Standing Strong(10-13/14)


Tween girls stretch, strengthen, balance, and de-stress as they learn and practice yoga & mindfulness.  Brief "Mat Chats" will be integrated into each session, to introduce mindfulness lessons.  Each session provides a fun and supportive environment to learn these valuable skills. 

Private/Semi-private/Group Sessions

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Fit-Focused-Chill 10-13/14


Tween boys learn techniques that many professional athletes use to settle nerves, manage thoughts, and build resiliency. They explore and learn through yoga, movement games, focus activities, and age appropriate mindfulness  practices.  The skills they develop here will support them in their teenage years and beyond.


Private/Semi-private/Group Sessions

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Unplug Class - Adults


Have you given yourself time to rest, let go, and feel some peace today?   Chances are you're busy doing, scheduling, planning, organizing, stressing, and overthinking until your head hits the pillow at night.  Take  time to Unplug, once a week, and learn how to develop your own personal mindfulness practice, discover how to find and incorporate mindful moments throughout your day, and prioritize your well-being.  

Weekly Classes: Fridays 11-11:45 am

Adult Courses/Private Sessions


Adult Mini-Courses: *See Below

Intro to Mindfulness Part I & II 

Mindful Matters for Parents & Families 

Finding Flow

Sustain Your Mindfulness Practice

If interested in having a private,  semi-private, or group session  please send an email message to schedule: maria.usewick@gmail.com.

All Courses & Classes: See eZential Wellness Center for fees and registration

Adult Mindfulness Mini-Courses

Intro to Mindfulness I


In this 4-week course you'll be introduced to mindfulness as a life skill, learn the science behind the practice, and explore the basic components for developing your personal practice:  Breath & Body Awareness, Maintaining Emotional Balance, and Managing Mental Chatter.  Guided meditations will be practiced each week. 

Mondays 5-6 pm Aug 2019

Intro to Mindfulness II


In Part 2 of this 4-week Intro Course you'll explore additional components for your personal mindfulness practice:  Mindful Communication, Heartfulness (mindfulness + compassion), Mindful Eating, and Bite-Sized Practices to weave into your day in order to live a more healthy life. Guided meditations will be practiced each week.  

Mondays 5-6 pm October 2019

Mindful Matters for Parents & Families


This 4-week course, first, provides parents with the steps to cultivate a personal mindfulness practice in order to fortify themselves (mentally and physically) for the very challenging, yet very rewarding, job of parenting.

Second, the course  includes mindful practices that can be shared with the entire family (youth - teens), in an effort to cultivate harmony in the home and to encourage a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Mondays 5-6 pm April 2020

Finding Flow


Flow is an optimal state where we feel and perform at our best, creativity and productivity soar!

Once you have become more skillful in mindfulness, you increase your chances of 'finding flow', a state of heightened focus, feeling fully alive and fully engaged in whatever you're doing. In this 4-week course you'll learn how to practice mindfulness to achieve more moments of flow in your day and to be the best 'you' you can be.  

Mondays 5-6 pm February 2020

Sustain Your Practice


It's challenging to stay committed to your mindfulness practice....we get bored, frustrated, forgetful, busy, or distracted.  In this 4-week course you'll learn some tricks to sustaining your practice for the long hall.  Set appropriate expectations and intentions, try a new approach (moving meditation), learn a variety of breath practices (pranayama), and discover mantras (recite a word/phrase in a rhythmic pattern) to help spice up your mindfulness practice and keep your commitment to mind-body health.

Mondays 5-6 pm December & June '20

Take Yoga Off The Mat


"Your beliefs become your thoughts.  Your thoughts become your words.  Your words become your actions.  Your actions become your habits.  Your habits become your values.  Your values become your destiny."  (Mahatma Gandhi)  In this 4-week class you'll explore how the traditional yoga principles apply to our modern lifestyle.  Learn how you can live like a Yogi, dispel past stereotypes and begin to invite more balance, self-discipline, energy, meditation, kindness, and peace into your life.  


Special Programs


Customized On-site Programs

Community groups, parent or caregiver organizations, clubs, sport teams, etc., who are interested in hosting an experiential, mindfulness-based/yoga workshop or group class at their location, are welcome to contact us for a customized program to suit their needs.   


Classroom Programs

Bring Mindfulness to your classroom... for yourself and for your students.

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Community Support/Resource Programs

Educator Mindful Meet Ups are offered  as a resource, for those who are  integrating mindfulness into their work with youth/teens, to share and learn from each other.  Anchored Minds & Bodies will also share activities, books, videos, etc., that will support your work with kids.  A brief guided meditation will be included, in an effort to relieve the build up of stress and to provide some teacher self-care.

Mindful Meet Ups can be organized for other groups, as well, such as: health professionals, parents/caregivers, coaches, etc. *Email (maria.usewick@gmail.com) to inquire about opportunities to collaborate and continue to cultivate mindfulness in your community!